Actividades do Projecto – Project Activities

April 30: notification of accepted papers for CIEA7

March 8 to 31: call for papers for the CIEA7

20 March 2010: Preparation of comunications for the Conference CIEA 7

9-11 September 2010:

The project team is responsible for a panel at the 7th Iberian Congress of African Studies at ISCTE/IUL, Lisbon.

PANEL Title: Migration – Food – Security, Flows, dynamics and turbulences in African agrarian societies

Abstract: Global dynamics interact with the dynamics of African agrarian societies. The big question is how. What are the cumulative effects of external interventions that affect African societies? External and internal dynamics interact in a grey zone where all kinds of in- and outflows produce turbulences that affect the dynamics of these societies. These irregular, non-linear flows comprise energy, information, money, people, and material. Food and migration are two of these crucial flows, intertwined and linked to many others such as security. Food security, a classic area of mostly failed development and humanitarian intervention is strongly affected by global trade. Migration shows growing outflows as well as inflows (remittances and re-migration).

Faced with these flows, societies change in a multitude of ways, coping, transforming through creativity and innovation and/or weakening and collapsing. Knowing that no single model of the process can be given due to the diversity of African agrarian societies, this panel provides an opportunity to explore the complex and fluid interactions between food security, migration, and external dynamics.

Panel Organizers:

Ulrich Schiefer, ISCTE-IUL

Ana Larcher Carvalho, CEA/ISCTE-IUL

Mamadú Jaó, INEP, Guiné-Bissau

João Milando, Universidade Katyavala Bwila, Benguela, Angola

Stephan Duennwald, CEA/ISCTE-IUL


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