About the project

This website compiles information about food security and agrarian change in African societies.
It is part of the research project: African societies facing global dynamics: Turbulences between external intervention, migration, and food insecurity.  The project aims at identifying and analysing the impacts of global dynamics on agrarian societies within the subfields of food security and migration.

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Food security interventions and the dynamics of agrarian societies

In response to food insecurity in Africa, a plethora of interventions are implemented. These act within African agrarian societies to transform them. They are of various types including food aid and development interventions, led by a multitude of actors and tied to a set of models, norms and terminology such as technical innovation, participation, ownership and sustainability. However, the processes of change African societies are undergoing are seldom analysed and interventions can destabilize societies and often fail to produce the development they target.

Transformation of African agrarian societies has been a continuous process of adaptation. Their connection to global dynamics through trade, migration and external intervention made dynamics ever more complex. Several drivers of change and actors influence these dynamics, responding to change and in turn influencing the system. Societies change in a multitude of ways, coping and adapting, transforming through creativity and innovation and/or weakening and collapsing. Knowing that no single model of the process can be given due to the diversity of African agrarian societies, this project aims to explore the complex and fluid interactions between agrarian societies and external dynamics